Our Journey

Wantsuit is created by a woman for women. Where the first and foremost goal was comfort and functionality without compromising on aesthetics.

My name is Tekye Pettie Chong, I am the the founder of Wantsuit...

I lOVE bodysuits - I have spent 1000's of dollars in the pursuit of the perfect bodysuit, I feel that the bodysuit serves as a perfect base layer for any garment, it is easy to dress up and down depending on where you are going, and it always makes you feel put together and sexy. However, it's impossible to find a good one. 

I conducted focus groups and surveys to uncover, what women, with similar fashion aesthetics and lifestyle as mine felt about bodysuits and its shortcomings, as it would turn out the same issues that I faced kept being brought up by women across demographics and body types.


I realized that there was a need for a product like I wanted to create, with all of this new found information and validation that I was on the right track my next stop was the design studio. I was determined to make one suit that is functional/practical and fashionable. that transitions with us during our day without skipping a beat like the glorious women around us.

Part of our journey was having the support from all friends and family, and it's a product that made with love and soul! 

We are wantsuit, we are here to improve your lifestyle...

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