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Minimalist styling is not about creating a cold, hard, empty white box of a home. It is about using simple and natural forms,
and taking away layers without losing the aesthetic appeal of the space.

Our Program

We have launched our campaign on  kickstarter on 10/21/2010, why we picked kickstarter to be our means of first round of funding? Mainly because we want people like us, to be our first investors. Women who love bodysuits, women that love combining tech and design, women who are confident and trendsetters, unapologetic and unafraid. We want YOU to have the front row seats to this exciting journey. 
Along with traditional product rewards, we also offer our funders interactive opportunities, such as being a part of our ever expanding community, first dibs on our women focused workshops and meet up groups, launch event and empowering editorial photoshoot. 

Please sign up HERE :)

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