Our goal

To create the one suit that reflects all your needs. 
We wanted to create the one suit, that would eliminate the need for an extra layer of bra and panty, along with providing the perfect base layer coupled with shape-wear, that would elevate every single outfit you pair it with.

Our Concept

Wantsuit serves the purpose of a bodysuit. It does not necessarily need to be worn as inner wear, but just itself. It is comfortable, smooth and most importantly, it made with an 90% organic material. Wantsuit is your everyday essential for all women who live in urban cities, due to its versatility it transitions from day to night effortlessly during the day. It can be used as workout wear, it has an inbuilt bra and panty, pretty much it's a replacement for that purpose.

Our Problem

While women feel confident and sexy in a bodysuit and want to love it - Which can also be clearly seen in a growing number of brands ranging from fast fashion to high end carrying bodysuits in their collections now, they continue to find it impossible to find one that actually fits well.

They ALWAYS need to wear underwear under the bodysuit which ruins the look of the otherwise sleek garment. The snaps at the bottom are ALWAYS are bulky and uncomfortable and choosing options without snaps makes it difficult to pee easily. The fabrics used are polyester-based which makes them feel cheap and irritate the skin.
Based on this hypothesis we began our research, focus groups, questionnaires, informal bar conversations and discovered that this was backed in reality - a lot of the women around us had this problem. 

Our Solution

The reinvented bodysuit. The bodysuit needed a massive overhaul, that's where we came in. We designed wantsuit keeping in mind the modern urban woman. When we leave our apartments in the morning, we need to be ready for the day, and our days are long with a varied list of activities, work, meeting, gym, a quick grocery run, dinner with friends. In our wantsuit you can literally do anything. 
Wantsuit has many properties and benefits that divided into 4 categories:
1. The Material:– Eco-Friendly, Micro Modal
2. The functionality of the material: - Absorbance, stretchy, wrinkle-proof, no shrinkage, breathable and fitted
3. Practicality: Built-in Bra, Pantyliner, and Slim snaps
4. Design: Trendy design, high fashion, tailor cutting, shimmer and seamless

Our Product

Both styles will be available in black and beige and will be available with and without snaps. Our sizing for the first collection is small, medium and large using a micro modal with its stretch will ensure an easy fit for the ladies in that band - as we grow and with increased funding, our top priority is to add more sizes to the wantsuit. 

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